If you structure a physician’s pay plan based strictly on a compensation-per-wRVU model, be careful when relying on survey data, especially at the 90th percentile.

The compensation surveys report provider compensation-per-wRVU, which is different than the calculated compensation-per-wRVU.  See the table below.

A physician’s compensation-per-wRVU naturally trends down as their wRVU production increases (see calculated comp/wRVU above). Conversely, the survey reported compensation-per-wRVU metric represents the range of compensation that physicians reported being paid in a particular $amount-per-wRVU pay plan.   Be careful when utilizing this reported metric when devising a physician compensation plan, especially those producing at the 90th percentile.  For example, if use the reported $155.29 compensation-per-wRVU and multiply it by the 11,624 wRVU, the result is $1.8m vs. $808K.  So, the proper metric to use is the calculated comp.per-wRVU, or the $69.59.  The Reported comp.-per-wRVU figure is probably best used for the productivity bonus portion of a play plan. 

Of course, all the specific facts and circumstances should be taken into consideration.