According to data obtained from the physician recruiting firm, The Medicus Firm, starting pay for primary care physicians and family practice physicians was up in 2016.

Primary Care Physicians
• Primary care physician placement salaries were up 11.0% to $227,734
• Signing bonuses for primary care physicians were up 41.0% to $27,799
• Total compensation packages for primary care physicians were up 13.6% to $257,533

Family Medicine Physicians
• Average salary per placement of family medicine physicians was up 5.9% to $222,703
• Average signing bonus for a family practitioner was up 40.2% to $27,191

Internal Medicine
• Average total compensation package for internal medicine physicians was up 5.9% to $273,410
• Average base salary for an internal medicine physician was up 2.2% to $244,186

Many industry insiders believe that the intense competition for primary care physicians is causing employers to offer higher base salaries, extensive benefits and shorter work weeks to attract candidates. According to a recent survey by Merritt Hawkins, family physicians and internists were the top #1 and #3 requested physicians for placement in 2016.

Note: The salary data above includes base salary and signing bonus, where indicated. This salary information does NOT include any additional bonus compensation such as production bonus or quality/outcomes bonus. The base salaries quoted in this report are averages of salaries offered to candidates upon placement, representing the physicians’ minimum, base earnings for the year. Also, this placement salary data does not account for other perks or other benefits.